JIF Additional Information

  1. Identify social justice issues could be most effectively addressed via public policy change.
  2. Educate the congregation using website, information sessions, email, Facebook etc.
  3. Develop strategies to empower and equip members to become citizen advocates for social justice on issues that they deem important. 
  4. Provide workshops on the legislative process, writing editorials, and writing letters to our representatives on an as needed basis.
  5. Help to organize/calendar awareness raising events (i.e. Bread for the World Sunday, Fair Trade Coffee Demo
  6. Offer (quarterly) informational forums on specific issues.
Organizations that guide our choices on what we share with the congregation:
Alabama Arise www.arise.org (member congregation)
Alabama Poverty Project (APP) www.alabamapossible.org
Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform www.constitutionalreform.org 
Bread for the World www.bread.org 
Other online resources
Sojourns www.sojo.net
Evangelicals for Social Action www.esa-online.org